Winter in the Siedlisko Sobibór

Sleigh rides, cross-country skiing, skates and not only

In winter, when it is snowy, the area is ideal for cross-country skiing. Although there are no marked trails, but once we “pave the way” with our skis, the paths will last for a long time. The exceptionally beautiful and deserted woods in the winter, with wonderfully snowed trees and a view of the ice-covered Bug river make an absolutely fabulous impression.

In winter there is a possibility to organize a sleigh ride with a bonfire in the forest.

Hot tub and sauna

Wood burning, overlooking beautiful meadows

You are welcome to enjoy our wood burning hot tub overlooking beautiful meadows as well as a wood burning sauna. You can spend hours there even when it is really frosty. The hot tub is equipped with glass and bottle holders so that you can have a lovely time.

Country skiing ski

Wild trails, meadows, forests

The surroundings Sobibór Landscape Park is a great place for cross-country skiing. Wild trails, wildlife and nature.


Private hill

We have our own hill to go sleighing. 🙂

Winter bathing

wooden tub under the sky

We offer a cold bath in a wooden tub under the sky to winter swimming lovers.

Winter swimming in other places

Nearby lakes

To those who really like winter swimming we recommend enjoying a bath in the nearby lakes.