Prices and booking

Minimum stay: 2 nights.
Chalets in tree branches, Owl and Woodpecker
1 – 2 persons 350 PLN
2 – 4 persons 450 PLN
Colorful Granary
2 people 250 PLN
House With the Terrace
1 – 4 persons 550 PLN
more than 4 people 550 PLN + 100 PLN per each additional person
Studio Lace and Studio Polka-dot
1 – 2 people 200 PLN
Rooms in House With a Porch
1 – 2 people 200 PLN
Breakfast Buffet
35 PLN
55 PLN

The above prices do not apply to long weekends, Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve
Children under 2 years we host free of charge, children from 2 to 7 years have a 50% discount.

We accept pets in The House with a Terace and in the Colorful Granary, we charge 25 PLN per day per pet.
Check-in time is 4 pm and check-out time is 11 am.


For corporate events, meetings, training sessions and groups – please contact:

We accept credit cards.

For the account number to make payments, please contact:
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For Bitcoin payments – please contact:

Price list

The prices include:
bed linen, towels, wood for the fireplace, heating, electricity
campfire place and wood
barbecue grill
deck chairs, air poufs
sports equipment: badminton, sled
board games
maps and guide books
our assistance in organizing kayaking on the Bug river

– Minimum stay: 2 nights.
– Check-in from 4 PM and check-out before 11 AM. After prior arrangement it is possible to extend the check-out time.
– Breakfast buffet is served at 9 AM, and dinner is served at 5.30 PM every day.
– Breakfast and dinner can be ordered or canceled at least one day in advance before 10 AM.
– We have a parking lot for our guests.
– We accept all credit and debit cards Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club etc.
– In order to confirm a booking we require a deposit of 30 % of the total amount of your stay – on time and in the amount specified by us in an email as well as your acceptance of the Regulations.
– Reservation is considered confirmed upon receipt of an e-mail confirmation from Siedlisko Sobibor.
– In case the deposit is not paid on time, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
– In case of no-show on the first day of the booked stay – the reservation will be canceled.
– The deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation, as well as in case of no-show on the first day of the booked date.
– As we have two cats in Siedlisko Sobibór and as we are located in the country and we are visited by our neighbors’ pets, we kindly ask you not to let them in the cottages.
– It is possible to have a private gala dinner during your stay, we just need to be advised 2 days before in order to organize a very special and unforgettable evening for you.
– If you plan to go biking during your stay, please book the bikes in advance as their number is limited.

– Pets are welcome only in the Colorful Granary and in the House With a Terrace – by prior arrangement.
– We charge a one-time fee of 50 PLN upon check-out.
– For the safety of all people present in the Siedlisko Sobibór, dogs must be kept on a leash.
– Dogs must be walked outside of the Siedlisko Sobibór for their needs.
– Owners of dogs and cats are requested to clean their pets droppings.
– Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by them.

Please help us take care of the welfare of the surrounding nature:
– when using the bathroom, please remember that water resources are limited
– turn off the light when you do not need it, both in your room, and in common areas (the terrace, the gazebo, the porch, stairs, and kitchens)
– please segregate your waste (containers for compost, glass, plastic and mixed waste are located on the parking lot.

Siedlisko Sobibór Rules And Regulations

  • 1

The Subject of the Rules And Regulations

  1. The Rules and Regulations specify the rules of staying in Siedlisko Sobibór as a guest, as well as the principles and responsibilities for the losses of guests and Siedlisko Sobibór.
  2. The Rules and Regulations apply to all guests staying in Siedlisko Sobibór.
  3. The contents of the Rules and Regulations is made available in a prominent place in Siedlisko Sobibór and at  .


  • 2

 General Provisions

  1. The guests are obliged to comply with these Rules and Regulations, maintain order, and use all rooms, equipment and objects in accordance with their intended use.
  2. Siedlisko Sobibór is under constant monitoring.
  3. In Siedlisko Sobibór, the stay of animals is limited to the House with Terrace and the Colorful Granary. Pets are not allowed in other cottages or rooms. Please do not allow any cats that can be found within Siedlisko Sobibór property into the buildings.
  4. In Siedlisko Sobibór smoking cigarettes is allowed only in designated places.
  5. In Siedlisko Sobibór campfire can be made only in the designated place.
  6. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use any electric devices other than phone chargers or laptops in Siedlisko Sobibór accommodation facilities that are not room/house equipment.
  7. All the buildings located in Siedlisko Sobibór are equipped with fire extinguishers. Siedlisko Sobibór guests are obliged to use them in case of fire or  fire hazard.
  8. Siedlisko Sobibór is not responsible for temporary inconveniences that are beyond its control, such as provisional lack of water or electricity or Internet network.


  • 3

Responsibility Principlesi

  1. Siedlisko Sobibór is not responsible for any objects of material, scientific, or artistic value left by Guests, in rooms or within Siedlisko Sobibór property.
  2. Children under the age of 13 should be under parents’ or legal guardians’ constant supervision, as they are financially liable for any damages resulting from children’s actions.
  3. Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of their children.
  4. Responsibility for the consequences of accidents occurring in Siedlisko Sobibór is borne by the injured person or his/her legal guardian.
  5. Guests bear full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of property belonging to Siedlisko Sobibór resulting from their fault and are obliged to cover the material damage caused by them.
  6. Siedlisko Sobibór provides guests with free, unguarded parking spaces, however Siedlisko Sobibór is not responsible for any damage, destruction or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guests, as well as items left in it.
  7. The guest should inform an employee of Siedlisko Sobibór about the occurrence of the damage immediately after its detection.


  • 4


Due to the location of Siedlisko Sobibór in the immediate vicinity of meadows and forests, where many animals live and in the Sobibór village in close proximity to residential buildings, guests are obliged to comply with the rules of social coexistence by not disturbing the nighttime of other people and animals, especially from 23:00 to 6:00 with loud music or behavior.


  • 5

Return of Items Left Behind

  1. Personal belongings left by Guests in Siedlisko Sobibór can be picked up in person or sent to the address indicated by the Guest, at his/her expense.
  2. The items referred to in paragraph 1 above, subject to paragraph 3 below, will be kept in Siedlisko Sobibór for one month, and after this period these items will become the property of Siedlisko Sobibór.
  3. Due to their properties, groceries will be stored by Siedlisko Sobibór for a maximum of 2 days.


  • 6


In case of any comments or reservations regarding the functioning of the equipment, cleanliness and order within Siedlisko Sobibór property, guests are obliged to immediately report them to Siedliska Sobibór employees.


  • 7

Final Provisions

  1. In the case of violation of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations by a guest, he/she is obliged to immediately comply with the demands of Siedlisko Sobibór employees and to pay for any damage and destruction.
  2. The change in the Rules and Regulations comes into force after 14 days from the date of publishing the amendments on the Siedlisko Sobibór website.