Attractions of the region

Discover virgin territory of the Polish borderland on the Bug river

Sobibór’s biggest attraction is its location in the vicinity of the border Bug River, far from great agglomerations and major transport routes. This is reflected even by the garlands of stars in the sky that do not have to compete with the illumination of neighboring cities.
Nearby Włodawa has the charm of a small border town, with the traces of historical multicultural splendor.

Apart from the nature surrounding Siedlisko Sobibór on all sides, you can enjoy the region’s architectural attractions such as an Orthodox monastery, old wooden catholic, Orthodox and uniate churches or the traces of Jewish culture.

If you want to take a longer trip to the city, one hour from here is Chełm with its chalky underground tunnels and Lublin with the largest old town in Poland after Cracow. But what attracts most to the wild east of our country is wonderful fauna and flora.

How often do you have a chance to see a roe deer just in front of your door or watch a stork family from the bedroom window ? And it is just the beginning of your nature adventures in Sobibór.

The region and nature

Beautiful and unspoilt nature.

The part of Lublin Polesie region located south of the town of Włodawa is bounded on the east by the meandering Bug river. It is one big nature reserve with old forests, and full of reeds and inaccessible oxbow lakes.


Great place for cyclists

The surroundings of Sobibór are perfect for long cycling trips. We are a place recommended by Green Velo, the Eastern Bicycle Trail.


Kayaking on the picturesque Bug river

We assist in the organization of kayaking on the river Bug – the border of the EU, which is always an unforgettable experience.


You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

The Siedlisko Sobibór is located in a wide bend of the river Bug, characterized by a great diversity of the coastline, and thus rich in attractive places for fishing, although not the easiest ones.


Storks, cranes and many others


Historical site

Learn about the history of the region

Winter in Siedlisko

Sleight rides, cross-country skiing, skates and not only

In winter, when it is snowy, the area is ideal for cross-country skiing.

Our SPA zone

Relax your body and soul

Our relaxation zone includes an outdoor tub and a sauna heated up with wood. The sauna is located in an old wooden granary moved from a nearby village.

Kulturalne Uprawy Tarasowe – Cultural Terrace Crops

The only concert like this

Our concerts have been held since 2010, always on the first Saturday of September.
We invite our friends, who are actors and musicians to sing for all the inhabitants of Sobibór village and neighbouring countries and towns.