House with a porch

Rooms with character in a renovated wooden house

Old log house that was moved from another village and got a new life. The house is rented throughout the year. It has 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms (2 downstairs and 2 upstairs) and a shared kitchenette on the ground floor.

The rooms have lots of character. They are all decorated with renovated furniture and unique wooden lamps manufactured by us.

Grey room

The room in Ewa’s favorite color

Grey room is located on the ground floor. It can accommodate up to 3 people (1x double bed and 1x single bed).

House with a porch

House with a porch

Clay room

Room with clay walls

The walls of the room are plastered with clay. We decorated it with old furniture purchased at different flea markets and renovated by us.

White room

Room with bleached walls

The room has a bleached rustic bed, white bedspreads and embroidered curtains in the windows.

House with a porch

House with a porch

Plank room

Simply made from planks

In this room bed headboards, unique lamps and a table have been made by us from old planks.