Chalets in tree branches

Where your childhood dreams come true

Hide in the branches of trees …… Break away from the ground and stay in our exceptional lodges, Owl and Woodpecker.

Year-round modern lodges with plenty of glazing to admire a picturesque meadow.

The view of running roe deer, bird singing and woodpecker tapping will ensure an unforgettable experience.

Chalets in tree branches


Hide in the tree branches with a woodpecker

The name comes from the Eurasian wryneck, a species in the woodpecker family, which was sought by a group of ornithologists who were the guests of Siedlisko Sobibór. After several days of searching the woodpecker in the nearby forests – by accident it turned out that the bird’s nest is in our own little woodland.


Hide in the tree branches with an owl

The name of the lodge is Owl because the village of Sobibór was once famous for its huge number of owls. The legend says the name of the village was then Owl Country. Today ornithologists from Europe and Poland come here in search of a swamp owl.

Chalets in tree branches