You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

Siedlisko Sobibór is located in a wide bend of the river Bug, characterized by a great diversity of the coastline, and thus rich in attractive places for fishing, although not the easiest ones. The river is wild and often unavailable. It is is primarily dominated by beavers and the effects of their presence can be seen in the form of many fallen trees. The advantage of this part of the river is primarily the Bug diversity.

You can find a lot of beaches on the corners, bordered with floating shallow places, wells up to 4m deep or narrow and deep gutters. The river is full of predators typical of the Bug like catfish, pike or asp, but you can also catch a perch or a walleye. For the lovers of white fish the biggest attraction can be catching a barbel, famous for its bravery, or a big chub. The nearest unit of the Border Guard should be notified about every fishing trip.

If you prefer to go fishing on the lake, there is a calm and reedy Glinki lake, located in a pine forest, 7 km from Siedlisko Sobibór, where you can catch a bream or a sizabele pike-perch. Recently a 15 kg pike was caught there, and after a traditional shot with the fisherman it went back into the water.

10 km from Sobibór there is the White Lake, with crystal clear water, but due to the crowds that stay there in summertime, it is attractive for fishing in spring and autumn only.